Bangladesh: Can migration brokers be finally held accountable?

A large number of aspiring migrants seek the assistance of brokers who they expect will help them travel overseas for work. In many cases, however, such brokers mislead or deceive the migrants, thus pushing them into a far more difficult life than the one they are keen to escape from. In response to widespread complaints […]

How are banned polythene bags still in the Bangladeshi market?

Despite getting banned in 2002, polythene has managed to stick around in the Bangladeshi markets as producers, wholesalers, suppliers, and consumers all continue to use polythene bags indiscriminately. hile the government agencies claim the sustained use stems from a lack of consciousness and alternatives, experts claim the true reason is a lack of the ban’s […]

TIB on Rohingya repatriation: It’s diplomatic limitation of Dhaka, not failure

TIB has said Bangladesh tried its level best to repatriate Rohingya refugees to Myanmar but were unsuccessful due to its diplomatic limitations. “Dhaka did not diplomatically fail in the repatriation process. Rather I’d say it was our limitation that led to the unsuccessful repatriation of the Rohingya people,” Executive Director of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) […]

PM to global community: Take responsibility for climate migrants

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked the global community to take the responsibility for climate migrants as they are getting displaced for no fault of their own. “As our people will be displaced for no fault of ours…we expect the international community to shoulder the responsibility of accommodating them and providing them with livelihood,” she […]

Airport road accident: 3 get life imprisonment, 2 acquitted

A Dhaka court has sentenced two Jabal-e-Noor Paribahan bus drivers and an assistant to life imprisonment in a case filed over the death of two students in a road accident in 2018. The court also acquitted Jabal-e-Noor Paribahan bus owner Jahangir Alam and assistant Enayet Hossain in the case filed over deaths of college students […]