3-Way Conferences for ISD students’ education evaluation amidst pandemic

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ISD students
ISD students

ISD students: Schools have been mostly conducting their academic activities online due to the ongoing pandemic. Since this is an unprecedented scenario, it is essential for the parents, teachers, and students to regularly interact and be on the same page regarding the education and evaluation processes.

Keeping this in mind, International School Dhaka (ISD) has recently organized 3-way conferences (3WC) for all ISD students, their parents, and teachers.

The core intention of the conferences, which took place in several sessions throughout November 24-26, was to augment the overall online-learning experiences.

The initiative had the ISD guiding statements – inspire, empower, and embrace in its core.

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Parents pre-scheduled their appointments with respective faculty and discussed their child(ren)’s study progress, compatibility with online education, rooms for improvement, and various relevant aspects during the conferences.

The online event took place using the Google Meet platform. Parents and their children were engaged in conversations, shedding light on the student’s strengths, improvement areas, and future goals that match the student’s aim and comfort.

On this occasion, Kurt Nordness, the director of the school, said, “Effective schools know that the best learning happens when teachers, students, and parents forge close relationships. Here at ISD, teachers have been working hard to partner with students and parents as they schedule and facilitate 3-way conferences where they review student goals and achievement.

A sincere thank you to our parents and teachers for working together on behalf of ISD students.”

ISD parents appreciated the initiative. Teachers found the sessions impactful and thanked the students and parents for their cooperation.

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