Avoid activity that harms Bangladesh’s image: Government

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The government has asked Bangladesh nationals living abroad to avoid any activity that may tarnish the image of the country.

“The government won’t encourage any activity by expatriate workers that is detrimental to the image of Bangladesh, and the excellent relations existing between Bangladesh and Vietnam,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday.

The government said it is mindful of promoting expatriates’ welfare, particularly amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and is committed to upholding the rights of the country’s migrant workers abroad and providing all the necessary assistance to them.

The ministry issued the statement amid some media reports and social media posts about the activities of a section of Bangladeshi migrant workers currently staying in Vietnam.

The Bangladesh mission in Hanoi has been supporting the Bangladesh nationals within the legal framework of Bangladesh and Vietnam, the Foreign Ministry said.

The group of Bangladesh nationals who are demanding a return flight to Bangladesh, at the Bangladesh government’s expenses, since July 3 is engaged in negative propaganda unjustifiably with the help of social media and some overseas TV channels, the ministry said.

The latest group of 17 people who are reportedly sitting in front of the Bangladesh Embassy demanding immediate repatriation has been interviewed by the embassy officials and the Vietnamese authorities.

It was communicated to the embassy by the Vietnam side that the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam issued an order to police in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, and Vung Tau to investigate the brokers from Bangladesh and ensure security for foreign workers.

The Vietnamese police said they were working with Vietnam companies, who sponsored visas for these people, to take responsibility for this group and take them back to Vung Tau City, give them accommodation and jobs, and facilitate their repatriation when commercial flights resume.

Most of them went to Vietnam as visitors, not as legal workers.

The embassy informed the 17 Bangladesh citizens of their employers’ commitment as well as the assurance from the government of Vietnam, but those 17 people are not cooperating for unknown reasons.

They appear determined not to go back to their workplace, sticking to their demand for an immediate return to Bangladesh at government expenses.

All the international flights have been suspended in Vietnam since March 25, due to the pandemic.


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