Bangladesh blocks online battle game PUBG on parent complaints

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The government has banned popular online game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (game PUBG) in Bangladesh, amid growing concerns that the game was negatively impacting the youth.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), upon the police’s recommendations, has been tasked with carrying out the government’s directive.

Nazmul Islam, additional deputy police commissioner of the cybercrime unit, told Dhaka Tribune: “We are concerned over the psychosocial impact PUBG is having over our youths.

“We received complaints from guardians, and the Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Division expressed his concerns to us,” Nazmul added. “As a result, we have started the process to ban the game.”

He said blocking a game is a long process, but the work to block it is underway.

“Guardians complained that students were getting addicted to the game, and skipping classes because of it,” he continued. “They were also passing sleepless nights.”

DBFreePress tried to contact several officials at BTRC, and Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar over this issue, but could not reach any of them.

Several cities in India and some other countries, including China, Nepal, Jordan, and Iraq banned game PUBG. Indian police also arrested many youths for playing the game, despite the imposed ban.

Earlier, the Bangladesh government banned Blue Whale Challenge, an online game that would require players to kill themselves as part of the game.

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