‘Bangladeshi 75 percent of people think bribery is part of life’

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Bribery is becoming a common issue day by day. Now, giving bribes get parts of life. One study found that 89 percent of people in the country have accepted that they will not get service without paying bribes.

The most bribe they have to pay is to get a government certificate (national identity card, passport, birth registration).

About 75 percent of them pay bribe without complaint. Because they think bribery is part of life, reports of TIB.

An alarming picture of bribery has emerged in the country, according to a research report by the anti-corruption agency Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB).

The research report has been released on Thursday (September 26) at the TIB office in the capital’s Midas Center, a discussion on ‘Right to Information and Corruption Prevention: The Experience of the First Decade and the Future of Law’.

According to the press conference, the research was conducted on 16,000 people who paid bribes for various services.

Studies show that only 75 percent of people in the country consider bribery to be a part of their lives. The remaining 25 percent of people complained but did not see anything positive. They think complaining is more likely to result in loss than profit.

According to the study, 50 percent of the officers sought direct bribe from the people. 40 percent of the officers have secretly demanded money. The remaining 10 percent of the officer’s demanded money go out of the office.

TIB Executive Director was present on the occasion Iftekharuzzaman, journalist and research professor Afsan Chowdhury and Onnon Raihan.

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