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The Way to Use ClickBank Affiliate Marketing : A Step by Step GuideClickBank Affiliate Program – How Does It Work?

Once you register as an affiliate ClickBank, you may immediately start promoting products to your viewers.

However, to identify the right products, you need to comprehend the various terminologies used on this stage.

Allow me to start with some basic terminologies.

  • Initial/Front-End Offer: Here is the product offer that you promote to a client. It is usually a low-priced product designed to turn a stranger into a client so that more goods can be thrown to them.
  • Upsell: Here is the higher-priced product that’s pitched following a customer purchases your front-end offer.
  • One-Time Commission: This is a commission tye where the affiliate is compensated only once the initial purchase is made.
  • Recurring/Rebilling: That is a commission where an affiliate retains getting quarterly or monthly penalties for selling a membership product.

Pretty easy, right?

Let’s move into the product listings now.

By way of instance, here is an affiliate product from the ClickBank marketplace.

Various sections in this listing will help you figure out the capacity of this deal.

Let me quickly describe them.

  • First $/sale: Here is the ordinary commission amount an affiliate earns selling a ClickBank product. However, it doesn’t include the recurring commission amount.
  • Avg Rebill Total: Here is the average amount an affiliate earns from recurring commissions of a product. In the ClickBank affiliate marketplace, this amount is only exhibited for subscription products.
  • Avg $/sale: This is the typical amount of commission an affiliate earns for boosting a ClickBank product (initial+recurring commissions).
  • Avg %/Rebill: This is the typical recurring commission earned only on rebills.
  • Grav: This specific stat is essential. Grav is the short form of Gravity, a distinctive ClickBank score that shows you that the earnings potential of a product by taking into account the number of affiliates who’ve earned a commission in the previous 12 weeks, encouraging a product. A top Gravity score usually means the item is selling well, but it also means plenty of affiliates are promoting it.
  • Category: Here is the industry category of a product on ClickBank
  • Affiliate Page: Here is the URL of the item’s affiliate site, where you will find the affiliate recruitment information plus promotional material for the product.
  • Affiliate Support Contact: The email to Speak to the item owner

That is a lot to digest and can be somewhat confusing, I know.

The two main things to look in a product are it’s Ave $/sale and Grav score, plus whether it offers one-time or recurring penalties.

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With this info out of the way, let’s see how you’re able to discover profitable ClickBank affiliate merchandise.

Finding Profitable Affiliate Programs on ClickBank

There are a whole lot of trash products on ClickBank.

But there are some real gems recorded there as well.

How can you find them?

Head to the Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace and choose the industry in which you want to search for products.

Let’s explore the Self-Help business.

1.Check The Product Gravity score and Avg $/sale ClickBank

Sort the product list by Gravity score to determine the products that are

  • Selling nicely so that they have a landing page with a high conversion rate
  • Being promoted by many other affiliates in your niche and making them good money

What gravity score should you target?

There are varying opinions on this. But in general, a gravity score of above 50 is a good starting point (the higher, the better).

But that’s only one point to consider.

Additionally, keep a close watch on the Avg $/purchase since that is the average amount of commissions you may make by encouraging a product.

Try locating a product using a reasonably high Avg $/purchase amount along with also a 50+ gravity score.

You can even add a different filter to find only recurring commission apps if you want.

2.Analyze The Product Landing Page

This is an important step.

The quality of an item’s landing page tells you a lot about its actual price, the problems it solves, and when its a product worth is boosting.

There are a couple of essential landing pages for every affiliate product – one is your sales landing page for the clients. The other is your affiliate landing page, where the marketers are recruited.

You will sign up as an affiliate in the item’s Joint Venture (JV) or affiliate site.

Typically, you’re going to be routing traffic from your website and email listing to the item’s landing page.

Are you comfortable doing it? Or do you think the landing page has a scary look to it?

On the contrary, a high-quality landing page is a powerful indicator of a tangible item.

Another thing you want to see is that the promotional material that the item seller is offering.

By way of instance, here is the affiliate page of a favorite ClickBank product. Look at the ready to use promotional material they are offering to their affiliates.

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Aside from offering full email swipe documents for your affiliate email effort, this affiliate provides images for your Facebook Ad campaigns and the sales copy to use with it.

The affiliates must copy/paste and start promoting the product.

This shows that the seller is well-prepared and severe about product marketing.

It’s also a reliable indicator of quality.

3. Research the Product’s Sales Funnel

Most ClickBank offers are made up of several product tiers.

The initial front-end offer is usually a low-priced product utilized to suck clients to the sales funnel. Once inside, a customer is redirected from one upsell offer to another to market higher-priced products.

For instance, here’s the sales sequence of precisely the same merchandise I discussed in the previous point.

Once the customers purchase the front-end deal, they’re accepted to an upsell offer. If the customer declines it, then they are taken to a down-sell request.

Next, they’re taken to a different offer. In the event they fall, they’ll get follow up emails with more suggestions.

That’s how most ClickBank goods make cash – by milking the clients until they purchase the main product.

Before promoting a product as an affiliate, study its sales sequence and the number of spells in it since it will affect your earnings and the conversion rate of the deal.

4.Research The Product Creator

In case the product landing page and affiliate pages look great, make a quick Google search about the product founder.

Find the product they have found in the past, and find out the overall sentiment online.

This often gives you a good idea of whether merchandise by a particular seller is dependable or not.

5.Assess Online Reviews And Customer Feedback

Product reviews come next.

Look for the item online and see what the reviews are saying.

But you have to be careful about this because most of the reviews will be full of praise to the product (by the affiliates) or full of hatred (by the opponents).

Start looking for genuine reviews and feedback to get an idea of the item’s performance.

Additionally, please pay special attention to forum talks and Reddit threads because most dissatisfied customers vent out their frustration.

6.Buy The Product You Want To Promote

If the merchandise does well on all the things I’ve mentioned previously, it’s time to buy it yourself.

Yes, you heard that right.

Most front-end products aren’t costly, and purchasing them will tell you exactly how valuable they are.

If you’re in the affiliate advertising firm for your long-term, always promote the products that you are confident about.

You may even try requesting the product seller for free access before promoting the product. Some will agree, some won’t.

This is an added step but one that will assist you in finding reliable goods and promoting them with better and high-quality content.

If you think the item is well worth promoting, sign-up on its affiliate page, grab your affiliate link and start promoting.

After the steps I have listed will allow you to filter through all of the over-hyped products and find the actual gems worth promoting.

But how can you market a ClickBank product as an affiliate marketer?

I’ll explain this in the next section.

Make Money With ClickBank – The Right Way To Promote An Affiliate Product

What is the right way to advertise an affiliate product?
Create a product-focused market website that sings endless praises of this product and does everything to sell it?

Not really.

Whether you’re promoting a product yourself or promoting one as an affiliate (from any platform), you have to construct trust with your target audience until you can persuade them to do it.

Here’s how you should go about doing it.

a. Build A Long-Term Site Based on Well-Defined Needs

Step one of promoting an affiliate product doesn’t have anything to do with affiliate marketing.

It is about building a stage, a blog, a website, a social media profile, or even a YouTube station that targets a pair of problems, not a couple of products.

Allow me to clarify.

Most affiliates grab affiliate links, publish product reviews on their sites and YouTube stations, and wait for the clients to come.

They never arrive.

A number of them directly promote affiliate links via Google or Facebook Ads.

Again, it rarely works.

Many franchisees take the longer route.

They construct a site or a YouTube channel where they provide genuinely useful content for their viewers. People start to trust them and take their recommendations seriously.

Their content is not always about products or sales. The majority of it aims to distinct customer requirements and answer the target audience’s most frequent questions.

This can be the authority site model that we always urge here on NicheHacks.

As soon as you construct such a site, you are not limited to one or two products.

For example, here’s a screenshot from MatthewWoodward’s website. Look at the number of products he is promoting on his blog (and making a lot of money from them) WITHOUT publishing any challenging sales content.

As soon as you’ve built authority, you can pick any relevant product from ClickBank, start marketing it to your audience, and people will buy it because they trust you.

Making such a platform takes time, but the ROI is a lot higher than a short term, a one-page product-focused website created to sell a particular product.

b.Choose Products That Solve The Right Problems

How do you market an affiliate product in you’re new to a niche?

Again, it would help if you thought long-term know your audience’s needs and list down the issues you want to solve to develop into a specialist.

After that, you visit the ClickBank affiliate marketplace and find 3-4 products that are useful and join directly with your audience’s needs.

This is important.

You can’t begin promoting every product that’s supplying a reasonable commission rate.

The products must be relevant.

Once you locate such products, register as an affiliate, grab your links and move to the next step.

c.Create A Lead Magnet To Attract Relevant Subscribers

Produce A Lead Magnet To Attract Relevant Subscribers

Newbie affiliates directly begin submitting their affiliate links everywhere.

The majority of them never make any sales.

And even if they do, it is mostly one-time earnings without any prospects.

Research shows that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% as compared to a new customer, Who’s just 5-20percent.

That is why seasoned affiliate marketers first push traffic to a direct magnet landing page to turn strangers into email subscribers.

I have clarified the entire process in detail in another article.

This strategy has many advantages.

However, here’s a critical point to bear in mind.

Your lead magnet has to be directly connected with all the products you plan to advertise.

By way of example, if you plan to market a weight reduction program from ClickBank, you can provide a free eBook of high-nutrition but low carb recipes that promote healthy living and help people eliminate weight.

That’s only 1 example.

Your lead magnet’s focus should be on the core problem of your target audience because this prepares them for future sales pitches.

d.Create An Engaging Email Auto-Responder Series

Create An Engaging Email Auto-Responder Collection

Once you have the readers on your list, it is time to start building the floor for the products you want to market.

Bear in mind, getting people in your email list is the easy part.

Maintaining them is hard.

If you do not want them to unsubscribe from the list, be sure to bombard them with one product offer after the other.

What’s the correct approach?

Make an autoresponder series that consists of 6-7 emails spread across 10-12 days.

The first emails should give be about free value.

Share knowledge, hints, and unique techniques they can quickly start applying.

Following the first 2-3 emails, start introducing the products that you need to promote.

Position them as answers to the principal problems of your readers.

Increase the momentum until you reach the final email of this chain that closes the last pitch series.

This is just a sample autoresponder in which you may promote multiple products connected to your subscribers.

Every new subscriber will get these emails.

If you get it right, this can turn into an automatic earnings cycle that keeps driving sales even when you’re sleeping.

You may find out more about using automated email sequences for affiliate launches in this in-depth article.

e.Drive Traffic To Your Lead Magnet With

Facebook Ads

Your guide magnet and autoresponder sequence are ready.

But how do you get readers fast?

By boosting your guide magnet with Facebook Advertising.

How can you make effective Facebook Advertising? I’ve described the entire process in this informative article.

f.Publish High-Quality Content, Product Reviews, and YouTube Videos

Publish High-Quality Content, Product Reviews, and YouTube Videos

The most prosperous affiliate marketers sell goods inside their regular informational content without ever appearing desperate.

How can you build a content promotion strategy that drives earnings?

Video content is flourishing right now, and clients prefer to watch videos on other content types.

Plus, YouTube is the planet’s second-largest search engine after Google Search, where huge numbers of people look for product reviews and helpful content.

In general, your failure or success as a ClickBank affiliate will be decided by how quickly you can build an audience that trusts you due to high-quality content.

After that occurs, selling any item becomes much more comfortable.

ClickBank/Writers: Amar Babu/ Copywriting/ BDFreePress/ClickBank

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