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Smart cleaner: The recent pandemic has imposed a significant deal of changes in our lifestyle and daily habits.

This has been spreading at an alarming rate all across the globe, proving its nature of being extremely contagious constantly.

Human interactions are no longer how they used to be even a few months back. With the involvement of digital technology, we are now trying to lessen the need for physical presence, be it for any personal or professional requirement.

Yet, many of us still need to go out, and hence, remain at the risk of picking up germs and viruses in our wearables throughout the period spent outside.

In order to prevent the virus from spreading, washing, and disinfecting our wearables as well as our own selves has been much emphasized over the past few months.

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The upsurge in the frequency of cleaning our clothes is exceptional, and so the unprecedented rise in our seeking for advanced methods of cleaning has also been inevitable.

More and more people, even from the economic classes, are now opting to avail of washing machines, smart laundromat services, and other ways to make sure their clothes are germ-free.

The concern has reasonably increased as clothes have been reported to be one of the biggest carriers of coronavirus.

Experts have recommended washing our clothes in 55 – 60 degrees-warm water.

Also, to ensure efficient and safer drying of clothes, advanced technology-based washers now use auto dry-cleaning features.

One ideal name in the market for such smart cleaning products is Samsung Air Dresser. The machine, which can clean, dry, pamper and disinfect our favorite wearables, has recently been introduced to the Bangladesh market.

The Air Dresser prolongs the period between each wash, leaving lesser damage on the fabric materials. The device’s Jet Air system and Air Hangers obtain powerful jets of air to take out stubborn dirt clogs.

The Jet Stream then sanitizes the clothes for our safety assurance. The Air Dresser captures and removes 99% of odors from the garments by using the Deodorizing Filter and keeps the cabinet & clothes fresh.

There are other features in the Air Dresser that takes care of the pleats and unwanted wrinkles. It is WiFi-connected and can be controlled remotely via the SmartThings mobile app.

The users can also receive laundering notifications in the app. 

The homebound are still striving to continue their lives overcoming the interruptions brought down by coronavirus.

To minimize trips to the dry cleaners, smart and instant cleaning machines are now becoming more and more popular.

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Cleaning facilities like the ones provided by Air Dresser are designed to make our lives easier and more convenient.

Availing a self-revitalizing home closet can take off our anxieties during this pandemic. Such products also allow us more time in hand, so that we can focus better on our other daily priorities.

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