Virtual visiting card: How to create a People Card on Google

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Google launched a new feature that allows users to create ‘People Card’, which are like virtual visiting cards, making it easier for them to build an online presence and discover others.

How to create a People Card on Google

— To create a People Cards, sign in to your Google Account.
— Search for your name, or “add me to Search” and tap the prompt that appears.
— You will be asked to provide your phone number for verification purposes. Enter the six-digit code to continue.
— To start building your people card, people can choose to include the image from their respective Google account, add a description of themselves, links to their website or social profiles, and, if they want, even a phone number or email address.
– Once all the information is filled, click on Save. You can then choose to view your Search Card.

Once you click on View Search Card; all the details that you filled earlier will be shown when someone searches your name on Google.


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