What will it take for international communities to act on the Rohingya issue?

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Rohingya issue: M Shameem Ahsan, Bangladesh’s permanent representative to the UN office in Geneva, raised a question at the 42nd meeting of UN Human Rights Council: when will the international community act on behalf of the displaced Rohingyas, who have taken refuge in Bangladesh, escaping genocide in Myanmar?

When will the international community take decisive measures against Myanmar for human rights violation? Ahsan asked on Monday (Sept 16).

“We cannot overlook the horrific atrocities committed by the Myanmar government against its own people and the coordinated attacks to oust them from their ancestral land,” he said.

Myanmar has done nothing to dismantle the system of violence and persecution of the Rohingyas, he added.

The Bangladeshi permanent representative also raised questions about Myanmar’s true intention about the repatriation of the Rohingyas and told the council about their lies on the whole Rohingya repatriation process.

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